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Navigating a route to a fairer and more prosperous Britain
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The interim report of The Economy 2030 Inquiry

The UK has great strengths, but is over a decade into a period of stagnation. The toxic combination of slow growth and high inequality was posing challenges for low-to-middle income Britain’s living standards even before the post-pandemic cost of living crisis struck. The task of the 2020s is to overcome this stagnation while wrestling with a decade of significant economic change, as Britain recovers from the pandemic, adjusts to exiting the EU, and transitions towards a net zero future.

This Interim Report brings together the first phase of The Economy 2030 Inquiry’s research, focused on the state of the UK economy and the changes facing it. It draws on that analysis, but also on conversations with citizens and policy makers about their experiences of the country as it is, and aspirations for what it could be. Download the full Interim report above, or explore this publication’s 10 key facts, Executive summary and main chapters below.

10 key facts from the Interim Report

Executive summary

Stagnation nation, the Interim Report for The Economy 2030 Inquiry, brings together the first phase of The Economy 2030 Inquiry’s research, and is focused on the state of the UK economy and the changes facing it. This Executive summary provides an overview of the report’s findings. Read more

Chapter One: Stagnation nation

This chapter examines the UK’s combination of long-term slow growth and high inequality, which defined the nation as it entered the 2020s. Read more

Chapter Two: Change in the 2020s

This chapter turns to the change that Brexit, Covid-19, technology, demography, and the net zero transition will bring to the UK economy during this decade. Read more

Chapter Three: The case for a new strategy

This chapter argues that a renewal of our economic strategy is urgently required and that, despite signs of progress on some specific components, there is currently little evidence of a new and overarching approach emerging. Read more

Chapter Four: Rebooting Britain

This chapter explores what a plausible economic strategy for the UK might look like. We do not provide a comprehensive survey of all of economic and social policy, but focus on the most important constraints, trade-offs, and opportunities that policy makers face. Read more

Chapter Five: The returns to inclusive growth

This chapter addresses directly the question of whether it is realistic to expect that a mature economy like the UK can do much better than it currently is, recognising some of the shared challenges weighing on growth across advanced societies. Read more


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