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Ending Stagnation: Shaping A Decade of change


A New Economic Strategy for Britain

The period of dramatic economic change that will take place over the next decade will help to redefine Britain, and its place in the world. The Economy 2030 Inquiry, a collaboration between the Resolution Foundation and the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics (LSE), funded by the Nuffield Foundation, addresses this question of economic change, and sets out a plan for successfully navigating that change. 

Britain’s post-Brexit trade policy

Building on Britain’s strengths as a services superpower

The UK has undergone a dramatic shift in trade relations post-Brexit, but this won’t fundamentally alter the structure of our economy. Instead, the country needs to focus on building on the strengths of the UK economy – in our services and high value manufacturing – to help forge a path out of economic stagnation. This should lie at the heart of an ambitious new trade strategy, as explored in this explainer video from the Foundation’s trade experts.


Lessons from abroad and history

As the UK is buffeted by the economic shocks and challenges of the 2020s, the Resolution Foundation and LSE Economy 2030 Inquiry is publishing a series of essays examining how policy makers from a range of advanced economies, including the UK in the recent past, have managed periods of disruptive economic change. As we seek to reformulate the UK’s economic strategy for new times it is vital that we learn the lessons of these comparative and historic perspectives.