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The UK's decisive decade

The launch report for The Economy 2030 Inquiry


The UK is on the brink of a decade of huge economic change – from the Covid-19 recovery, to exiting the EU and transitioning towards a Net Zero future. The Economy 2030 Inquiry will examine this decisive decade for Britain, and set out a plan for how we can successfully navigate it.

The Inquiry is a collaboration between the Resolution Foundation and the Centre for Economic Performance at the LSE. It is funded by the Nuffield Foundation.


Watch a video of our launch event

On Tuesday May 18th, we held an interactive webinar to launch The Economy 2030 Inquiry. During the event, Inquiry Commissioners Clive Cowdery, Minouche Shafik, Carolyn Fairbairn and Dani Rodrik discussed the economic change that the UK is about to live through, and what we can learn from our own history and the experiences of other countries. The event was chaired by the Resolution Foundation’s Torsten Bell.

Preparing for a decade of economic change

Lessons from the era of White Heat: comment by Gavin Kelly

There is little doubt that economic change is coming in the 2020s, says Gavin Kelly. As for decay, well, that depends in no small part on whether today’s policy architects are up to the task of building a stronger 21st century social infrastructure…