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Individual experiences of work, consumption and society

What economic strategy should the UK pursue over the next decade, in order both to address long-standing problems in the country (stagnating living standards and high inequality) and to navigate ongoing change (Brexit, net zero transition and a post-pandemic world)? The Economy 2030 Inquiry is a two-year collaboration between the Resolution Foundation and the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics investigating this very question. Drawing on evidence about how people, places and firms flourish, the Inquiry aims to provide a roadmap for a more productive and equitable UK in 2020s and beyond.

This report is unlike the majority of research produced by the Inquiry to date, however, in that it is based on the voices of 56 participants from six semi-structured focus groups we held in March 2022. We created this space in the Inquiry to listen to people from all walks of life voice their experience of the economy for a range of reasons. This exercise allowed us to test if what we have found in the Inquiry so far truly reflects people’s lives, and to probe motivation, explore constraints and understand how people engage with, and experience, the world. Most importantly, these voices are key in helping us decide not just the objectives for a new economic strategy, but also which routes to change are desirable and feasible.

This, then, is what we heard.


For all research queries about this report, please contact Karl Handscomb. For press queries, please contact the Resolution Foundation press office.

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